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Hit the Trail!

A Hiking Program for Beginners

Train your body the right way to hike without injury and be ready to safely and confidently hit the trail!

Enjoying Nature

​Reach the summit with the
Hit the Trail Beginner Hiker Program 

The trail map, action steps, training, advice & support YOU NEED to successfully and confidently reach the summit are just a click away.
This guided coaching program is exactly what you need to take control of your health, both mentally and physically to help you reach any summit in your life.
Stop the guesswork. Start on the trail to success today!

Do any of these sound like you?

✔️ You just got started hiking within the last year or so, but still consider yourself a beginner OR you are interested in hiking and/or backpacking but you are scared to start or have no idea how to even begin.

✔️ You are drawn to the outdoors and nature but feel uncertain as to how to access it safely both from the standpoint of getting lost and also interacting with wildlife.  

✔️ You are worried about getting injured and so you do not even go hiking for fear that you may not make it back in one piece. Or worse, you DO go and end up injuring yourself, only to not want to try again.  

You're in the right place. 👋 This is for you.

Meet your coach.

Hi, my name is Jill!

Hi I’m Dr Jill.  I’m a physical therapist, private practice owner, hiker, backpacker, and lover of MOUNTAINS and all things outdoors.

I started my own practice because I was frustrated with the constraints of the traditional physical therapy clinic and being limited by the confines of insurance. I started Thrive in order to treat patients fully and to the level that they needed not as dictated by their insurance. I also wanted to bridge the gap between physical therapy ends and fully progressing their activity both to improve wellness and increase performance.

I love to hike (and love, no really, LOVE mountains). Hiking to me and being outside in nature is important for so many reasons from physical health improvement and the challenge of getting to the summit, as well as a very spiritual experience and probably most important it is vital to my mental health. 

I love to see new hikers get excited about starting this activity, getting outside and improving their health! Of course, when starting anything new, these hikers didn’t entirely know what they were getting into and just when they started this activity, they had to sit out due to injury themselves in part by lack of knowledge as to how to train for their hike. 

Thus, I’ve created this program that bridges the gap between physical therapy and wellness that is specific to the beginner hiker. 


This program will help you to be knowledgeable and fully prepared not just in your physical body for hiking but learning all the in’s and outs of what to do and not do, what you need to take with you, and what you need to do before and after your hike in order to be safe and fully enjoy your outdoor experience so that you can do this for your lifetime!

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Jill Mitchell hiking


The Hit the Trail
Beginner Hiker Coaching Program!

The Hit The Trail program is a virtual coaching all-inclusive hiking coaching program built by a physical therapist who specializes in working with outdoor enthusiasts, for beginning hikers to help you be fully prepared both physically and mentally for your first hike.

Our mission is to help you train appropriately and safely as well as fully prepare you for your first hike so that you can be confident and fully enjoy the experience.

Whether you are just beginning to get in shape, have worked out a gym for while, or if you have hiked short distances but would like to increase your mileage, if you are looking to train correctly to prevent injury as well as arm yourself with the knowledge to be safe, confident, and fully enjoy your outdoor experience,

you are in the right place.

This program is packed with:

🧗 One-on-one individual assessment which will focus on

areas of weakness that make you prone to injury  
📕 Bite-size training courses
📑 Actionable checklists & workbooks
❓ Weekly individual training sessions
🥾 Coaching calls with Jill for support and accountability

to be with you on every single step of your journey! ✊

What will you get from this program?


Learn EXACTLY what you need take with you on a hike, how to prepare for a hike.  Learn what you need to do be safe, confident, and peace of mind to enjoy your experience.  All within bit size pieces of training.  Also get individualized tailored program to help you train your body appropriately for your upcoming hike to avoid injury and reach the summit! 

Personalized Hike Training Program

Create a plan, timeline, and understand what action steps you need to take to move towards your goal. Commit to change. Build focus. Stick to it & execute! Get a training plan tailored to you with coaching guidance and assurance you are doing everything correctly as well as progressing appropriately which prevents injury both during your training and also on your hikes. 

Community and Support

Surround yourself with other newbie hikers just like YOU who are also working towards their first big hike.  Coaching is also at the center of what we do, helping you to train appropriately for your goals and helping you to blast through any plateaus you may encounter. 

Time & Money Saved

Implement tried & tested strategies that will save you hours of frustration, stress, and help you get more done in less time. Outdoor equipment can be expensive -- learn exactly what YOU need to make this hike successful.

Less Stress

Get the chunks of manageable learning that will help you take steps forward today in as little as 15 minutes per day & get the support you need to keep putting one foot in front of the other. 

Increased Confidence

Learn as you go with a community who has your back, made of other newbie hikers who all have the same goals as you, who can offer a helping hand on the journey.  Have access to a supportive coach who is going to help you get to where you want to go! 

Woman Hiking in Forest

How does this program work?

Over the next 12 weeks, we will...

1 / Getting Started

The 10 essentials you need with you on a hike, according to a doctor of physical therapy

2 / Make A Plan

Your individual full body assessment to determine what areas that may be prone to injury and a detailed plan to address them, which will be included as part of an overall strengthening program to help prepare you to be strong enough to get to the summit.  

3 / Build Your Engine

Your individual cardio training plan that will prepare from an endurance standpoint to bound up the map rather than barely struggle to get there.  

4 / Learn The Ropes

Full library of weekly education on important topics that are vital to know both to prepare for you hike and also to be safe and enjoy your experience, including but not limited to: appropriate gear including footwear, planning your trip, safety measures to take to ensure you make it to your destination and back home, etc.

5 / Hit The Trail

Weekly coaching calls to help you along the way, progressing you appropriately with your training and also helping you to create your first 5+mile hike experience that you can conquer both confidently and safely.  

Is this program right for you?

✔️ You’re an adult woman who can walk for at least 20-30 minutes without issue. 
✔️ You may or may not already be working out at the gym.  
✔️ You have an interest in hiking or are drawn to the outdoors.      
✔️ You greatly want to go hiking but are uncertain about safety and injuring yourself.  
✔️ You do not need gym equipment to participate.  
✔️ You DO need access to a place to go hiking, not necessarily every day but at least once a week. Somewhere outside. (You do not necessarily have to worry about significant elevation at this point?)

Traveler in Nature

Apply today to get started!

If you are an individual who is looking to take their love of outdoors to the next level and maybe even someday progressing to backpacking, but don’t where to start, click on the link below, fill out the questionnaire and see if this would be a good fit for you and your goals.

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