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What's it like to work with Thrive?

Learn more about how we work with and help adventurers to see if we are a good fit.

How We Work

We create a plan that is unique to YOU and your goals. 


When you work us at Thrive we are not going to give you a cookie cutter program.  We are going to examine you thoroughly to determine exactly what areas you need to work on whether that’s limitations in mobility in other areas of your body, or muscle imbalances that are putting stress on your area of pain.  


We are not going to have doing things that are not appropriate to you just to create fluff and filler.  We are not going to waste your time.  We are here to help you reach your goals.  Often times traditional physical therapy ends before you are actually fully back to your activity and you are left to get there on your own.  


With Thrive, we bridge this gap and help you to recover from injury but also achieve your goals whether it’s getting to the top of a 14’er summit, completing your first double or triple digits mileage backpacking trip, or even running your first 5k to marathon.  We stay with you through the entire journey and can help you stay in tip top shape for your activity, aiding with recovery through our wellness program.

We are mobile and virtual.


Unlike many brick and mortar clinics, we are mobile and so we come to you!  Whether it’s in your home, your office, a gym, or even outside (of course on a good weather day), we save you time by coming to you rather than you having to travel to us.  

We work for YOU, not the insurance.

We are a cash pay clinic, which does not mean you can’t use your insurance, but rather we are out of network.  You are able to submit what is called a superbill to receive reimbursement from your insurance (and this may vary from policy to policy in regards to what is reimbursed). However, more important what this really means is that when we are working with you, our plan of care is tailored to you, to your injury or issue, and also to what goals you want to reach.  


Our work with you is not limited by what your insurance dictates.  This can be a huge factor as to whether someone fully reaches their goals as too often in the traditional model, care stops too early and they haven’t fully progressed to their goal appropriately and end up with reinjury and thus also end up spending more money.  

We want you to stay in your activity, if at all possible!  


We will push you and challenge you to make progress (safely!).

First and foremost, motion is lotion.  This is always important to remember.  If you are fearful of going to physical therapy because they are going to make you stop running or hiking, then have no fear.  We rarely tell someone to completely stop their activity.  


Movement is what your body is meant to do.  We always encourage as much movement and exercise as possible, though this can vary from case to case.  Also, understanding that there are overuse injuries and that sometimes it is appropriate to take a step back to aid in healing.  This does not mean you stop completely.  It means you are learning the tools to be able to continue your activity for the rest of your life.  Remember, you want to stay in the game but rest and recovery is just as important as pushing yourself appropriately. 

You are ready to commit to change and Thrive is ready to commit to you!  

We all have 24 hours in a day.  And while everyone has similar tasks we all accomplish in a day (brush our teeth, eat, earn an income, etc), we each actually have different priorities and they also fall in a different of importance.  Physical therapy has to fall somewhere in your top priorities.  Make no mistake.  There are no quick fixes and anyone that tries to tell you otherwise, is well just trying to take your money.  


You have to be ready to make this a priority and put in the work.  If that is you, then we are a good fit because Thrive will put in the work and be right beside you as you progress in your journey from pain and injury, to health and to reaching your highest goals!  


Contact our office today to get started and begin your journey to thrive!

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