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Physical Therapy for the Outdoor Adventurer | Dr. Jill Mitchell, PT at Thrive Physio and Wellness

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

My name is Dr. Jill Mitchell, a doctor of physical therapy and owner of Thrive Physio and Wellness, where I help outdoor athletes thrive in their adventures. I currently provide both mobile services (where I come to you at your home, office, gym, or even outside) and also provide virtual appointments for those who are not local.

I started my own practice because I was frustrated with the constraints of the traditional physical therapy clinic and being limited by the confines of insurance. Often patients at my previous jobs would come to see me and they were either limited by their insurance as to the number of visits that they could receive or they were not quite back to their full activity by the time traditional PT ended. I started Thrive in order to treat patients fully and to the level that they needed not as dictated by their insurance. I also wanted to bridge the gap between physical therapy ends and fully progressing their activity both to improve wellness and increase performance.

I also love to hike (and love, no really, LOVE mountains) and have myself been subject to pains that have limited my hiking. I also have treated quite a few hikers in my time when living in Colorado. I’ve found I really connect with this client; I know how to solve their problem and get them back on the trail and we are often a good fit as they are motivated to address their issue for good and want to reach the summit (as soon as possible lol). I also understand their goals and struggles and am never going to tell them to "just stop hiking" or "don’t hike so much".

I currently live in Dallas, TX , am a dog mom to my 7 year old Rescue Rocky and love spending time with my boyfriend Steve, going backpacking, hiking, riding bikes in the Trinity, or planning our next travel adventure.

We're next headed to California and going backpack for part of the trip and hike San Gorgonio.

Where is your next adventure? Comment below!

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